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Buy Fresh, Authentic Norske Nook Lefse Online

Norske Nook specializes in making the most flavorful, authentic lefse you’ve ever tasted, delivered right to your door and packaged to maintain freshness. Our lefse is a genuine treat any time of the year, but it’s almost mandatory at holiday time or other gatherings. And of course, delicious Norske Nook lefse always makes a great gift!

So, What is Lefse?

Lefse is a traditional Scandinavian flat bread made from potatoes, flour, salt, and oil. It’s traditionally served with meals as a bread, but it also makes a great tasting snack, spread with butter and sprinkled with a little sugar, or rolled up with meats, cheeses or fruit filings. At our Norske Nook restaurants, we feature several lefse wraps–like the Norwegian Salmon Wrap or the Smothered Denver Lefse Wrap. Obviously, lefse is a very versatile dish, limited only by your imagination!

Lefse for the Holidays

Lefse has always been especially popular around the holidays. Many Scandinavian-Americans eat lefse around Thanksgiving and Christmas time, gathering to cook lefse as a traditional group activity. You’ll even find lefse festivals in communities with large Scandinavian populations, but you’re welcome to celebrate this traditional favorite any day of the year at our Norske Nook restaurants.

Order Your Norkse Nook Lefse

You can order Norske Nook lefse in our online store, for prompt shipping to all 50 states! Be sure to check out our lefse accessories and gifts, too.